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Hi, I'm Victor Talha, Director of Social Media Networking and Marketing and Co-founder of Kyten.Solutions a non-core business solutions firm.

Victor Talha's Bio:

Victor Talha: My mission in life is to serve my fellow man... utilizing my skills, talents, and resources to help others. I deal with mostly B2B relations. Helping and managing the down-sizing of operational expenses via non-core business solutions and two major verticals: Green Energy Efficiency and Green Energy Production. My ultimate life goal is to initiate, strategically implement, and indelibly perpetuate a schooling, housing, and thriving center for abused and homeless children. My last and final mission in life is to have one of these thriving centers in every major city, in every country, in the world. I guess I have my work cut out for me...however, all things are possible in God's world!

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Victor Talha's Interests & Activities:

Social Media is my life, business solutions and helping business owners gain prosperity is my passion. I love to skateboard, shoot pool, shoot photos of all kinds, play guitar, watch movies, listen to all types of music, promote clubs and local businesses, and I LOVE TO COOK!

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